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Frequently Asked Question - Do You Provide Live Support?

Do You Provide Live Support?

Skype + Website Expert + Your Site = Problem Solved We conduct our support sessions through Skype and Skype's screen share feature. Our customers benefit tremendously from these sessions since they learn how to make both basic and more advanced modifications. Our hands on interactive training is much more effective than reading a book and will save you countless hours and headaches.


JACK IS AMAZING TO WORK WITH:))!!! Kellie Little @ 2017-01-02, 03:15
I work daily with Jack on an ongoing project. Not only is he a smart guy, but very careful detailed complete and fair in all his undertaking. I am … read more
Steve Doetschman @ 2017-03-12, 23:22
Please leave a kind remark, thank you. Jack Marvin, www.liquidpurple.com @ 2016-12-11, 11:26