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These are a few of the services we offer.

Updating your Joomla installation has many benefits, including improved stability and security. The quantity of Joomla migrations we have performed is a reflection of this. From small websites with a few pages to large websites with thousands of pages, we have migrated a number of Joomla websites. Most of the time, unless they pay close attention, our clients are unaware that their website has been updated. That demonstrates how streamlined and professional our procedure is.

How is a Joomla website updated?

In our work, we are very open and honest! In fact, the entire migration process has been described.

This is a list of what we do.

  • Make a Backup: We always make a backup of a site before we work on it, just so you won't need to be concerned.
  • Extension Updates: The template, components, modules, and plugins should all be updated along with any other extensions. We can also create custom-built or defunct extensions from scratch.
  • Transfer the Data: Everything that users enter on the front-end or back-end is considered data. Articles, user data, module settings, menus, etc. will be included. We always consider modifications to the database structure and other aspects affected by the update when migrating the data.
  • Website Testing: The website is tested regularly throughout the migration process, and then a final test is performed upon completion. We can address any issues that we missed while carrying out the migration at this time.
  • Website Security: We have worked with Joomla for enough time to develop techniques to strengthen performance and security.
  • Publish the Site: On request, we take down the outdated website or archive it and then publish the newly revised website in its place.

We also apply optimization as our last step to all migrations and upgrades. In order to make sure the new site is quick and stable. We like to take a little more time than usual because newer versions of system software can be bigger and slower than older versions. This will guarantee that your new website loads faster than the one it replaces.

We provide services to businesses of all sizes, and we appreciate their decision. We will be pleased to have you as a client, regardless of how big or small your business is.

How much does it cost?

In our opinion, our prices are incredibly competitive. For a Joomla migration, we have set a very reasonable price for a typical website. Larger website migrations may often cost more money. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us regarding the final price.

We require advance payment from new clients. Sometimes there are exceptions, as we try to be flexible. Contracts or long-term commitments are never necessary.

What details are required in order to begin?

We will require the site access credentials in order to migrate or update your website. Access to your hosting control panel, file system, and back-end management are all included in this. If necessary, we can hack your system to get the credentials ourselves, but doing so will extend the project's duration and cost.

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